Marvin Lurie

The Undesirables (2019)

“They caused the outbreak of thieving and robbery all over the country.”
Henry Ford.

One bookkeeper.
Two school teachers.
Two lawyers.
One marketing professional.
Two small business owners.
A trade association executive.
The descendants, so far, of  my grandparents,
Rebekah and Jacob the tailor,
who came in 1905.
Their good fortune.
The nativists in Congress soon decided they were undesirables.
There were too many of them.
We couldn't accept any more. Or at least not many.
They didn't speak English and wouldn't eat our foods.
They lived in slums and had too many children.
They worked cheap and pushed down wages.
They weren't real Americans.
And, of course, they were Christ-killers.
Millions were turned away.
Jacob's younger sister, her husband and daughter,
were taken out of their home and shot down in the street
by the Einsatzgruppen.





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