Marvin Lurie

The Super Duper Man (2020)

After Amiri Baraka


All praise the Man. Here He comes.
All praise, all praise the Super Duper Man.
'Bout you He got no notion.
He come from his super duper boat
On the plastic juice ocean
in His super duper aeroplane with its gilded splendors
With His henchmen money lenders
to flush the poors down your throat.
They all have fun
in His super duper aero plane flying way up in the sun
with the Man the Super Duper Man
trading kisses with their golden
harlots they pisses on your super fund veggie garden.
Motor on His super duper aeroplane blows
out grit and ashes for your babies' noses
Of you He got no notion.
The Man the Super Duper Man. Here He comes,
All praise, all praise the Man
The Super Duper Man.



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