Marvin Lurie

The Closer (2018)

He'd get tired of one car lot,
convincing befuddled people
they were getting the best deal in the world,
move on to the next one.
Different accents,
more money, less money,
blowhard negotiators who always overpaid,
the shoppers who were sure
there was a better deal next door,
the gullible and confused
he could put in the nearest car fast.
He'd get mad at a lot owner,
almost give away a beater to some guy
desperate to get to his minimum wage job.
He believed no one innocent bought a used car.
It was all an act. The characters never changed.
He'd move on, convinced they were out there somewhere.
The sports who liked flashy cars
who would point and say, “that one”
and hand him a wad of cash.
Maybe they all go to the next lot.
He cashed some pay checks,
some lay around.
Money wasn't the point.
It was the quest.
The big spenders, the easy closes,
the hits, the highs.
They were out there somewhere.

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