Marvin Lurie

The Builder (2018)

I've built a terrific mountain with words. It's huge.
People are saying is the most impressive mountain of words ever built by anyone.
I used only the best words.
People come from all over to my fantastic mountain of best words.
They're my loyal people.
They build my magnificent mountain even higher.
My wonderful people only use the best words.
Some people won't use those words.
They're losers. Sad.
They have too many words,
so many words my very smart people don't understand them.
We don't use those words.
They don't belong on my awesome mountain.
Everyone knows I'm making word mountains great again.
Years from now people will say,
I was the world's all-time greatest builder of spectacular word mountains
because I used only the best words.
No one else will ever be greater than me.
People will name their children after me.  

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