Marvin Lurie

Sacrifices (2019)

There was a great god ME
placed on his mountain top by people who believed
he was their advocate and vindicator.
All who denied him were declared irredeemable.
His worshipers demanded sacrifices
to enforce his decrees.
Children of migrants
                           sacrificed to ME.
Trust and respect of allies
                           sacrificed to ME.
Clean air
                           sacrificed to ME.
Health care for the poor
                           sacrificed to ME.
Integrity, loyalty, honor
                           sacrificed to ME.
Healthy drinking water
                           sacrificed to ME
Families seeking refuge
                           sacrificed to ME.
Forests and rivers
                           sacrificed to ME.
Our tenancy on earth
                           sacrificed to Me.
But it was never enough
ME always wanted more.
More. More. More.


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