Marvin Lurie

Not Enough White People (2019)

Growing up I only ever saw two black men.
One shoveled coal into the basement of our six flat.
The other a farmer with crates of live chickens
came around once a week.

There was a girl in high school,
one black speck in a flood of white.
I saw her every day, then she was gone.
I missed seeing her.
I never said hello or knew her name.

College summer jobs I worked with and for blacks,
face to face on the shop floor inside the factory walls.
Outside was everything else.

When I worked the board at a radio station
a black DJ taught me about jazz,
introduced me to Miles Davis.

We had a black president
I saw on TV and in the papers,
also athletes, entertainers and others.

In the gym we're every color mixed,
I say, "hi," and go to my locker.

I have a three year old granddaughter
with lovely brown skin.

Otherwise everyone around me is white,
but not enough according to some.

"Our country would be better off
with more whites and fewer non-whites,"
said Amy Wax, Law Professor, University of Pennsylvania
at the National Conservative Conference.



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