Marvin Lurie

Miriam’s Well*

Miriam died there and was buried there.
The people were without water.... Numbers 20:1, 2

You, who were seeded by the stars,
what have you done?

Go to the rivers that roar down frozen mountains.
Witness the fields of stones abandoned by their currents.

Go to where the mountain tops are blasted into their valleys.
Breathe in the soot of their burning mud.

Go to the partched valleys and woodlands.
Feel the hot winds that burn away forests.

Go to where winds are searching the headlands for passage.
Listen to them push aside the chains of the sea.

Miriam's well is falling farther and farther behind you.
What have you done with the garden that was given into your care?  


*Appears in the 2019 anthology Terra Incognito
Bob Hill Publishing, Jefferson, OR


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