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Letters To And From My Imaginary Friend


Letter To My Imaginary Friend 

I didn't look for you.
I grew up with no father
in a house of shouting and recriminations.
I shrunk the space around me
so there was no room for anyone else,
not even for you.
I chose to have my shadow
as company,
leading me to school in the morning and home after,
lying next to me on the living room rug.
I thought that was all there could be
and enough.

Now I am old.
I wonder how you have aged.
Could I know you by naming you,
the way Adam named plants and animals?
Would you be a creature of my mind
so I have to think your every act and word?
Can I give you free will?
You might turn away or talk back.
You could be the resentful voice in my head
scolding me, reliving regrets.

Maybe it's still the wrong time.
If ever I am ever beguiled by dementia,
perhaps then we should meet
and keep each other company.


Letter From My Imaginary Friend

Dear Marv
Your letter really pissed me off. I'm not supposed to break the Imaginary Friend Code of Silence, but screw that. We're both 80. Who the fuck cares any more. Besides, you started it.

Your didn't have enough room for me? What a pathetic, self-involved asshole you are with your pity party excuses. I was supposed to get a few years of companionship and then disappear into the hereafter, or wherever. No body knows. Instead I wandered in some freaky brain freeze nowhere for 67 years until you retired. I woke up in this shit hole of a home with a bunch of other old fart IF castoffs. All I do is play pinochle all day with Grouchy, Cranky and Disgruntled and eat bad food. And there are no women here. Little girls know how to take care of their IFs. I'd like to see and talk to a woman now and then, even some ancient skank as decrepit as the limp dicks here. I'm old, not dead.

You want me to come and hold your hand while you wander in la-la land? No go boyo. Put your head back in your ass. I'd rather stay here and listen to some addled schmuck tell the same retard joke three times a day. Besides, I'm ahead in the card game right now.

So fuck off, Your IF

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