Marvin Lurie


King David wrote, “Place Uriah in the front lines
where the fighting is fiercest;
then fall back so he may be killed.” 2 Samuel: 11.15

Beneath the battlements of Rabbah,
embraced in the arms of our regiment
my comrades and I, who understand our fate,
have written our wills, unbound our widows.
I have honored my soldier’s oath,
left the arms of Bathsheba
to carry a sword for my king.
Now my loyalty is repaid by treachery so shameless it cannot be hidden,
my wife and my life taken from me.
Thus do kings shatter the lives of those they entangle.
Even so, I will go willingly with my brothers
into the unknown
for that has always been our destination.
Oh my David, may the sword never depart from your house!

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