Marvin Lurie

The Birthright, According to Esau

Oh stars. Oh stars, my roof, my tent.
The whole earth is my support
and the sky is my shelter,
it covers me when I lie down to rest.
Like the wild fruit and the olive tree
that flourish in the sun and the rain,
I take my strength from the land.
I am as the lion, lord of the hills and forests.
I feast on the fat of the earth.
The morning dew is my prayer and my blessing.
I am known under the sky where all is one and the same:
creation and creator.
As the rutting beasts of the field obey creation’s plan,
so do the lives of men.
So it is that I am of the earth.
I am in the stone and the tree,
I am one with the ram and the red cattle.
The sun and the moon are my ancestors.
Everything is given to me and nothing is taken away.

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