Marvin Lurie

CAIN II: Cain Is Answered

Cain the aggrieved was assigned farming
by a tribe of nomadic herders
suspicious of settlements and the corruption of cities.
He was enraged by the injustice,
said harsh words to his brother
who was arrogant and prideful.
The well-known event occurred.

Modern Cain was involved in a drive-by.
Unlike his biblical ancestor he had a lawyer
who claimedhe was only a passenger
and plead down to involuntary manslaughter.
Cain was back on the street in 25 months.

Our Cain had a jail house conversion,
opened a store-front mission,
counseled addicts and street kids,
preached in shelters, founds jobs for hookers.
Business for dealers and pimps suffered.
The drive-by that put down Cain
was never solved .

In his last moments, Cain understood
his parable had expired.

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