Marvin Lurie

CAIN I: Cain Is Not Answered

Let there be hatred and strife,
conquest and rebellion,
for there is no justice.
It is said, Cain is sent among men as a sign
against blood vengeance.
I am not.
I am sent as the messenger of silence,
for there is no voice against murder.
From this day to the end of the world
there will be no reward for the righteous,
no punishment for the wicked.

I have been an obedient son, suffered
to plow the reluctant earth
to atone for my parents’ transgression.
Still I am disfavored by my brother’s claim
of superior deeds. Why am I tested so?
I will go into the world!
There I will breed a race of armorers.
My sons will spread the message of silence
against murder. They will proclaim:
there is no justice and no judge,
no world-to-come. There will be war forever.

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