Marvin Lurie

As Told By Isaac

“Abraham built an alter there; he laid out the wood;
he bound his son Isaac; he laid him on the alter, on top of the wood.
And Abraham picked up the knife to kill his son.”
Genesis: 22. 9,10

Before our days our fathers talked to gods.
At work in fields, on dusty roads, they turned
Aside to learn the world’s plan. They strained
To hear the future in the wind and plead
For ripe grain and strong sons. They prayed
To bright strangers in thickets and visions in caves.
Then came the One they could not see, whose Name
They could not say. He spoke in tongues of flame.

My tender years were round and full, a lamb
In spring, not knowing winter’s driving sting.
Sweet affection soft and smooth did sing
My days to dreams before I was a man.
But when I saw His fierce image in that blade,
I understood my childish dreams had been betrayed.

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