Marvin Lurie

I’ve Thought About You

I read about your children's' charity in the paper.
I thought you would do something socially useful,
you grieved so for the world.

You haven’t married, which doesn’t surprise me.
You skittered away from commitment
like a filly shying away from a glittering stone in her path.
You were going to spend the summer
learning to play The Well Tempered Clavier
and not come out at all,
but were aroused thinking about us together
and would sneak away
to be with me.

You were lithe and elusive behind a veil of black hair,
so I'm surprised at how round and contented you look in the picture.
You must have needed a long solitude
unhindered by intimacy
for that contentment to flower.

After more than fifty years,
I still have the small ivory Buddha you gave me
to send me away.
It has been moved to a lesser space
in a seldom-used room.
When I see it,
I think about you.


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