Marvin Lurie

Driving Around In The Dark

Driving around in the dark on back country roads,
two teens liberated
by a Model A Ford Roadster,
testing how fast it could go
racing from one intersection
with its single overhead light
to the next one a mile away
trailing a rooster tail of dust.
We'd find a corner store still lit,
stop to talk to the clerk
about how hot it was
and how lonely he was with only a radio
and country music for company.
Once we missed a one lane bridge
and drove into a shallow creek.
We found a farmer who came with his tractor
and hauled us back on the road.
He said, "You guys should be more careful."

Driving around in the dark
on the empty streets
of a small, Midwestern university town,
in aimless random turns
watching our lights sweep across
intersections, houses, stores.
Two guys liberated by seclusion.
We could be who we were, not held back
by anyone who couldn't understand or keep up
with our disputations.
Sometimes we composed chains of rhymed quatrains,
never writing them down.
We followed police cars
until they noticed and stopped us.
We told them we were just driving around.
One said, "You guys should be more careful."


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