Marvin Lurie

The Sanitation Department of Washington, D.C.

The garbage men and women are working overtime,
taking dumpsters overflowing with lies
from the alley in back of the White House
to Congress.
Pages and legislative aids have been drafted to help
the over-burdened trash haulers.
Committees process the lies into a smooth paste
used to seal-coat the budget
so it shines and glitters,
almost blinds the eyes to what's inside.
Regulations to promise that more people
will become sick and die young.
Regulations to take food from the elderly and vulnerable.
Regulations to encourage wire hanger abortions.
Regulations to assure the poor are not educated.
Regulations to make more school children hungry.
Regulations to guarantee cancer will bankrupt your family
before it kills you.
The name of the budget is,
"If you can't afford it you shouldn't have it."*

*Comment of a Trump voter about health insurance.



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