Marvin Lurie

Alt-Majority Nursery Rhymes: Book One

Every time I think I've gone too far,
I read the paper and realize I haven't gone far enough.

Baa Baa Donny
have you any money?
Yes sir. Yes Sir,
full banks many.
Some for my gold door,
some for my pompadour
none for the little boy
stranded on the shore.

Donny Donny quite contrary
how your orders do grow,
with midnight tweets, rash deceits
and craven Republicans all in a row.

Chatty Donnie
sat with his cronies
predicting a terrorist doomsday.
When big bad Putin
started shootin'
he frightened Chatty Donnie away.

Pussy-Grabber pudding and pie
groped the girls and made them cry.
When the lawyers came out to play,
Pussy-Grabber ran away.

Donny had such little hands
they couldn't help but show
and everywhere that Donny went
his hands were sure to go.

They grabbed a woman's crotch one day
which is against the rules.
He said it's just locker room talk
besides they're minuscule.

Old mother Hubbard
went to her cupboard
to get her blood pressure meds.
She didn't have any pills.
There weren't more refills.
Obama Care was killed by the feds.


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