Marvin Lurie

True And False

Or some third thing,
because now everything is both true and false, depending.
Maybe bewildered is the third thing.
Or indifferent.
Wolves are never bewildered.
For them everything is true no matter what.
Cougars are never indifferent.
If you're a cougar, everything matters.
Some people take matters into their own hands.
But people, that's you and me,
are made up of matter, which I understand
is mostly empty space. Some intergalactic particles
fly right through us and everything else.
So as far as the universe is concerned,
we don't matter.
We are not alpha predators, either.
Wolves can take us down easily.
Wolves and cougars are alpha predators.
That's why they don't live together. It would be bad for both of them.
So cougars are not bewildered either.
Only we are bewildered
because we are not at the top of the food chain
and neutrinos fly right through us and the earth without noticing us.
For them we are not here.
That's how important we are.
That's why everything is both true and false in the long run
and in the very, very, very long run none of this matters.

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