Marvin Lurie

Sayler Creek

The boots I took off a dead Yankee
are worn clear through
stuffed with rags.
We marched four days and nights,
two with no food,
and shot up the Union center on Sayler's Creek.
Me and my fellows,
we were not beat.
We should have held out until dark,
escaped through the woods.
Instead I was a Union prisoner yesterday,
free today without an army.
I fought four years with General Ewell,
now I'm 300 miles from home in Columbia South Carolina.
I'm looking to pick up a musket,
some powder and shot to feed myself
and walk home.
A Union soldier gave me some hardtack and sow belly to take along.




(On a windy February 17, 1865 half to two thirds of Columbia, S.C. was destroyed by fire. It was set by Union Soldiers sacking the city.)


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