Marvin Lurie

Chinese Plate

It's always spring on the Chinese plate
on my shelf.
Willows on the pond are half green.
A cluster of jonquils rises from its reflection,
boldly yellow in the fresh greens of spring.
A young woman, her dress decorated with plum blossoms,
sits in a bamboo pavilion
her hand raised
beckoning me to come closer,
sit ever beside her in ever spring.

I will get bored, restless,
complain I want to walk around,
explore the other side of the pond.
We'll argue.
"That's not part of the deal,"
she'll say. Time will start up again in her world.
She will grow old and undesirable.
I will leave her and go back to my world unchanged.

"I will leave now and promise to come back
to enjoy spring with you for just a few minutes,
every day in every season."
That's what I do. I slip out of my world
to sit with a beautiful woman on a beautiful spring day
for just a few minutes
every day in every season.

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