Marvin Lurie

Autobiography of The Great Leader (2018)*

My name will be indelible in history. I was the first to push the big button. No one had a bigger button than me. It was magnificent. But I was merciful, more wise and merciful than any Great Leader in history. I only sent the smallest bomb. So small it only destroyed one little city. It wasn't an important city, no corporate headquarters, big banks, big hotels or golf courses. I told them that would happen if they insulted me. Stupid.

It's their fault for starting the war. They were dolts and sent bombs back. I told them not to do it but they did anyway -- didn't listen to me even though I was the most powerful and smartest Great Leader in the world. My generals said they would be too frightened to retaliate. It's the generals' fault too. They betrayed me. Disloyal.

I didn't let them into this terrific shelter under the capitol. It has everything. I re-did that shit hole concrete bunker- like monstrosity that was here so it looks like one of my terrific penthouses without windows. Only the best people are here with me, none of the fake news reporters or snowflakes. It's a shame what they did to the country. Wonderful people who supported are here, leaders of the biggest banks and biggest companies,

Fake scientists said we couldn't go out for over a hundred years. Junk science. Sad.

Assembled from fragments found in  the ruins by marine archaeologists.
The Editors, August 3, 4018


*Appears in the 2019 anthology Terra Incognito
Bob Hill Publishing, Jefferson, OR

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