Marvin Lurie

About Me

I am retired from a working life in communications, communications management and other industries that required the ability to write and speak persuasively. I started out writing radio commercials when I was a student at the University of Illinois and grew to become a business journal editor, president of an association management and consulting firm and finally director of communications and industry relations for an international trade group. All my jobs required extensive writing and speaking. I never shut up.

I studied American literature, literary criticism, creative writing and psychology in college where I adapted plays for a readers' theater company, hosted a late-night classical music program on student radio and was a member of an informal group of poetry activists and writers that also gave readings. I wrote poetry on and off during my working career when I had the time and energy. Most of my work was complex and demanding. Beginning in 1998 I took several week-long and shorter poetry workshops taught by established poets and started over. I retired in 2002 and have been able to spend more time writing poetry and being involved with the Oregon Poetry Association and other poetry groups.

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